Director Danny Yount shot some amazing footage for this spot. I was tasked with previs and animation of the show logo. I explored a pullout using Danny's footage in the logo wheel. I chopped up segments from different plates and re-spliced them together to get the setups to look like a crowded massacre.

Marvel was looking for a more editorial, old school action TV show approach to the titles, with a very subtle hint of a comic book's pages. After Prologue presented the client with many great motion tests, I was brought in to work with Creative Director Danny Yount on the final stages of preisualization, creating various last minute animation and compositional styles in After Effects. I developed the final quirky angled wipe style of animation based on the frame with Shane Black's name designed by Danny. After client approval, animation, stereo conversion and all other final production was completed with the help of Motion Designers Byron Slaybaugh, Ben Hurand and Flame artist Sam Edwards. More on this piece in an article by Art of the Title:

Director: Nader Husseini / Concept Artists: Nader Husseini / Yashar Kassai / Monster and Environetnal Designs: Nader Husseini / Girl and Random Prop Designs: Yashar Kassai / Texture Artists: Brandon Stoker, Lauren Davis / Modelers: Nathan Smithson, Brandon Stoker, Seth Olson / Animation: Radium & ReelFX Studios / Additional Design and Animation: Chris Vela, Byron Slaybaugh, Nader Husseini

Silver Telly - Highest Honor in TV Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces - Art Direction | 2012 Telly Awards

Silver Telly - Highest Honor in Non-Broadcast Productions - Art Direction | 2012 Telly Awards

Bronze Telly - Non-Broadcast Productions - Music/Concert | 2012 Telly Awards

Bronze Telly - TV Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces - Music Video | 2012 Telly Awards

Awarded Platinum Remi for Best Rock Music Video | 2011 Houston WorldFest

Awarded Best Special FX & Animation in a Music Video | 2011 FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia

Awarded Best Animation in a Music Video | 2011 DC World Music & Independent Film Festival

Awarded Most Creative Music Video | 2011 DC World Music & Independent Film Festival

Nominated in four categories at the DC World Music & Independent Film Festival: Best In Animation, Best Rock Music Video, Most Creative Video and Best Director.

Featured in:
Motionographer / Stash 84 / The Tripatorium / Awsome Robo

11th Annual AniFest in the Czech Republic
4th Annual SIGGRAPH Asia; Electronic Theater
38th Annual SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Fest
The San Francisco International Festival of Short Films
7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival
14th Annual FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia
Chicago International Movies & Music Fest
British Independent Film Festival
5th Annual Dallas International Film Festival
44th Annual International WorldFest Film Festival Houston
2nd Annual World Music & Independent Film Festival, Washington D.C.

“Take Your Medicine” is the second single off Transfer’s debut album,“Future Selves,” slated for a September 19th release on Cool Green Recordings/Mascot Label Group. The video is Directed by Nader Husseini and produced/edited by Amy Grieshaber. Radium/Reel FX turnkeyed the spot.

The team used After Effects as the main compositing software. They combined the 2D drawings and paintings and 3D animation and digital effects into a single space in order to create a highly textured look. In addition to lighting and compositing the CG characters and props in Maya, the team used Maya Toon, Maya Hair and Maya nCloth, manipulating and merging techniques not typically used in the studio’s CG pipeline. Pre-compositing 3D components in Nuke ensured an efficient workflow. These files were also color-corrected and incorporated into the 2D environments in After Effects. Using Maya Paint FX in conjunction with cloth simulations and digital effects added to the video’s unique style.

Calligraphy design and animation. Created the Arabic script for the title sequence. I also explored arabesque patterns and ways in which they would animate on screen.

Prodigal Pictures
Creative Directors: Danny Yount & Jose Ortiz
Type Design & Animation: Danny Yount, Nader Husseini
Calligraphy: Nader Husseini
Artists: Billy Koak, Eseraele Lemu, Darren Sumich, & Elias Glasch

Designs for Nicktoons rebrand created for Justin Harder. My concept was to have the base designs textured and shaded using various methods ranging from a hyper real and well lit 1980's sci-fi filmic look to a toon shaded graphic look.

Star Maps animations for the Destiny game.
Prologue Pictures
Director: Simon Clowes, Artists: Ana Cezeta, Nadia Tzuo

Ultimate Survival Alaska Prodigal Pictures / Creative Director: Danny Yount / Executive Producer: Ellen Stafford / Designers: Danny Yount, Nader Husseini, Daniel Klöhn, Ke Swaab / Editor: David Nitzsche / Motion Design: Nader Husseini, Ben Hurand / Original Music: Tim Heintz // National Geographic Channel / SVP Creative: Andy Baker / Creative Directors: Tyler Korba, Brian Everett

Eyewitness War Director: Danny Yount / Executive Producer: Ellen Stafford / Editor: David Nitzche / Motion Design: Nader Hussein & Danny Yount / Eyewitness War Director of Photography: Connor O'Brien

A font design reflecting the graphic designs of autocratic and fascist regimes from around the world over the last 60 or so years. Photographs taken in Wadi Rum, Jordan, used in double sided poster designs below.

Hyundai, Blue Link Style Frames

Hyundai, Blue Link City-Scape Previs

Concept designs for Reel FX's "R" branding. A thirty second animation cycling through a number of different design and animation styles. I worked on pre-visualization and style boards for this project with several other artists. The initial concept was to have different design styles cycle behind the R. The team later evolved the concept to cycle the styles through the R itself. My main focus was the octopus section. Based on my sea creatures style board, I worked closely with the 3D artists to nail down the look and feel of the Octo-R Character.

Creative Director: Barrett Lewis / Concept Designers: Nader Husseini, Jackson Armstrong, Anuja Cannon, Byron Slaybagh, James Tobias, Erin McGuire, Susan Nguyen

SONY BRAVIA HDTV Video Art Director / Colorist / Light Effects & Animation

The challenge was to take badly shot footage and make it look interesting. Facelifting to footage was done by tracking fake light effects while enhancing the practical lights with added color.

The Vice & Virtue Ministry Director / After Effects Animator / Concept Artist

Music: The Happy Bullets / Art and Design: Nader Husseini / Character Design: Bryce Wymer & Nader Husseini / Animation: Nader Husseini, Corey Snyder, Sean Rivet / Story Boards: Brandon Bruce, Arthur Nichols

Stash DVD Magazine 41
Shown at the Los Angeles and SXSW Film Festivals

The Vice & Virtue Ministry Original Style Frame

Design, Animation: James Tobias, Nader Husseini. Director Limbert Fabian.

Stash DVD Magazine 43

Featured Artist in Novum German Graphic Design Magazine.

Art direction, design and animation by Nader Husseini and Justin Harder. Creative Director, James Tobias. Special guest appearance by Bryce Wymer and the flying book bags.

Sketch boards created for Fiat 500 US Marketing TV Spots. The Agency wanted the car to travel through modern industrial design pieces floating in an abstract white world. The agency requested that the car write on Joy Ride. I created a custom script for the car to write on.

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